Friday, July 24, 2009

Wrought Iron Peel

Photo by Gavin Ashworth

This wonderful example of a blacksmith’s craft was found at a farm auction in Goochland County, Virginia.   I fell in love with it immediately as it carries the initials “W. C.” and the heart symbol. My great grandfather was William Cramer so I am pretending it was made by him…or do you think it has the initials of his loved one???  Was this also fashioned as a Valentine gift?  A love token for a new bride?

It is made of  wrought iron  and is in very good condition.   We have it hung on our kitchen wall near the stove and I can salute it every day when I am busy preparing meals.

I am particularly enamored of blacksmiths and love especially the wrought pieces.   At one time, I was the fortunate owner of many handmade fireplace items and other household necessities:  pokers, dippers, door hinges,  rests for irons, andirons, trivets,  and revolving spiders

Our house was small and the collections were taking over, so we made gifts to a local farm museum, gave some as gifts to friends, and sold some. The farm museum is of  historical interest, not far from my birthplace.  One of our sons did his student archaeology on the land.  It is a great place to take little ones and show them how our ancestors lived and thrived on a farm.

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