Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stoneware Jug with Heart

Photo by Gavin Ashworth

The 2 gallon jug with the large blue Heart was found in Hanover County,Virginia.   Hanover county has a deep personal meaning for me.   My great grandfather settled there from NJ and bought a 300 acre farm around 1906.  I doubt if he had this type of crockery on his property, but just finding it a few miles away at a shop was important to me.   We had it made into a lamp for our home in Henrico County.    We did not bore a hole into the jug, but let the electric cord run from the mouth of the piece.  And a blue pleated shade was just perfect!   Then later we assembled all our blue decorated crocks into one place, and off comes the shade and the wiring of our heart jug.   And the other jugs eventually made their way off to auction……..and I am grieving still!!!!!  But the heart jug stays with ME! 

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