Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Photo by Gavin Ashworth

Getting chilly in your ‘neck of the woods”?  

This great blue and cream woolen and linen coverlet  with its huge roses had  its beginning in New York State.   It was made in 1834.  I am wondering if it was commissioned by a clergyman?Tabernacles symbols with Christian crosses are woven into each corner.    What my husband and I especially like are the initials: J. A. H……the initials of a beloved brother… deceased.   His name is James Addison Hunter.   Should I ‘fudge’ a bit and credit this coverlet to his Hunter ancestors? 

We display this coverlet over a chair in our front parlor.   At one time, I was thinking of displaying it on a wall, but never got around to it.  We may do it yet.   The colors are perfect for our décor of royal or navy blue, a dark pink, and lots of white.   The front hall may be the perfect spot.  

 Coverlets are fun to collect and are particularly handsome stored in a country cupboard , one with open shelves.   Recently, I decided to send my collection to auction, just keeping the dated one, and I weep now and then, wishing for the colorful coverlets back….their favorite spot in our 1905 house was the top floor stair rail.  Blue & white, purple and white, red and blue, pink, cream and black.   Shame on me for letting them go!

Perhaps this “grieving” will give me an excuse to look for other coverlets?  

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