Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Clown

Photo by Gavin Ashworth

This smiling fellow is my very favorite!   He was probably made in Germany in late Victorian days as a Christmas gift; his head  filled with delicious candies to be savored on Christmas morn , or filled with  pebbles to be used as a rattle.  A noisemaker, perhaps?

His head is fashioned of papier mache and brightly painted.  He has a slightly wicked smile which I find intriguing.  His frilled collar and costume are made of pink and green crepe paper, a bit faded from age.   There are four small brass bells on his costume. Under this costume  is a wooden handle. This is placed on a supportive metal stand….someone loved him enough to take good care of him before I found him at an antique mall somewhere in the Mid-west.

So the question is:    is he a jester or he is a clown???? Or a wicked Perriot?  Or an April Fool?

One of these days I may place him in a large glass dome and give him a spot of prominence on a table near my bed and can greet him “Good Morning” and “Good Night”….and all he has to do is keep smiling  and make me happy!   With a trick under his crepe paper costume?   I hope not.

In our family of four sons, their wives, and  seven grandchildren. only one of them wants my Wicked Clown!!!!   This daughter-in-law  and I must have the same sense of  humor? 

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