Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Virgin with Child and Young Girls

Photo by Gavin Ashworth

Mary with baby Jesus, small children and sheep…this folky picture was found at an estate sale in Richmond, Virginia.   In the background as you can see, is a white church, and three trees with flowers…lots of religious symbolism here!! 

One daughter-in-law has already spoken for this small gem.   But before I go to my reward and daughter in law receives it,  I am thinking of having it copied and made into a Christmas Card, or post cards for the Holy season. 

The green and red colors are just perfect.  However, it may not be as old as it appears.   It is painted in oil on cardboard and the board is slightly warped.  It was probably stored for a while in a damp basement, do you think?  It is now a part of the art composition on our brick kitchen wall. 

This  kitchen wall was once covered in plaster. However, when a couple of our sons lived in the house we now occupy, I gave them permission to remove the plaster.  At that time, it was fashionable locally to uncover the old brick, and to display art of all kinds on the wall.    My artist son and oldest  grandson have charcoal and  pencil self portraits on this wall.  An artist friend sketched me at age 22 when we attended the same art class, and that too is on the wall!  

Our Virgin with Child is the centerpiece of the art collection….so we have Christmas all year ‘round!

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